Top Tooting Cook 2015

The 2015 Top Tooting Cook Competition is set to be the hardest fought yet. On Saturday September 13th 2015, competitors will get the chance to select their ingredients from fruit and vegetables donated by local growers, before cooking something overnight to enter into Sunday's grand cooking fiesta.

This year we will have two sections to the competition: one for the professional restaurant chefs and one for the individual cooks.

Do you think you have what it takes to beat the competition?  If so please sign up by emailing us with your name and logo/picture.

Previous Individual Winners:

2013: What's For Dinner? with a "Jazzy Garden Salad"
2014: Amrit Sachar with "Goodness Graveney Me, All I Need Is A Smaaall Aubergine"

Contestants for 2015 (update of 12/9/15)
  • Brad Hayward
  • Elizabetta and Riccardo 
  • Lillie Langford 
  • Oscar Tudor 
  • Sophie Rushton-Smith 
  • Nuvola Bianca Tivoli 
  • Sarah Servantes 
  • Yasmin Salam 
  • Lea Tatham 
  • Maryam Shanff 
  • Shazia Wahab 
  • JP Cota 
  • Agnela Cabral

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