Friday, June 20, 2014

Top Tooting Cook 2014

This year's Foodival will again include a Top Tooting Cook Competition on Sunday 14th September at Samaj Hall, Broadway Studios, Tooting High Street. Enter now to ensure your place in the starting line-up

At her press conference earlier today, Top Tooting Cook 2013 winner “What’s for Dinner” (WfD) announced that she will not be defending her title this year. We caught up with her to talk about TTC14.

TTT: Hi, so you've chosen not to defend your title in 2014.
WfD: Well yes after the fiasco of what happened last year, I have decided to take time out. I'd prefer to watch.
TTT: So last year you organised the competition ... 
WfD: Yes ...
TTT: And also won it? 

WfD: Yes. I did nothing wrong though; but the bribery and corruption scandal afterwards was very upsetting. I just didn’t think I was going to win with a salad, and when I did, well, I was shocked and horrified. So embarrassing. I am still suffering post traumatic stress from that.
TTT: I am sorry to hear that. Aside from winning did you enjoy taking part in the Top Tooting Cook competition?
WfD: Yeah, it was great. I don’t get out much, what with me agrophobia, but this gave me an opportunity to meet loads of local people, swap ideas and recipes and take part in something that was fun. I loved it. I’d do it again, but, no I won’t cos it won’t be fair on all the other cooks out there.
Well there you have it. Meet local foodies, learn something new and have fun. All are welcome to join in and take part in this great event - the best dishes will win some fantastic prizes. It is totally free and with over a dozen contenders already signed up to take part, this year looks set to be even more competitive than last.

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