Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Foodival Prize Winners

There were more prizes than ever on offer at Foodival this year. So who won what? The competition was hot to be Top Tooting Cook among both individual cooks and the participating restaurants, many of whom took the challenge very seriously! Then there was the inaugural Ugly Veg competition, which I thought ended up going to a rather beautiful pepper.  The prize for the most exotic and amazing produce must go to Susan with her bananas grown in Balham!
Susan grew bananas in Balham

Top Tooting Cook 2015 Sophie & her beautiful winning dish
Ugly Veg Parade & Perfectly Deformed Kohl Rabi
Competition Results:
Top Tooting Cook - Individual:
1st: Sophie Rushton Smith - It's a Bad year for Carrots! & Rhubarb Streunal 
2nd: Shazia Wahab - Aloo Sabzi
3rd: Maryam Shariff (also the Young Winner) - Chilli Carrots
4th: Sarah Servantes - Tooting Tomato Consomme
Highly Commended:
Lea Gearing, Brad Hayward, Lillie Langford, Oscar Tudor & Sue Westfold

Top Tooting Cook - Restaurants:
1st: Pooja Sweets & Savouries
2nd: The Gorringe Park Pub
3rd=: Brixton People's Kitchen & Route to Juice
Highly Commended: Minestra Supper Club and Al Mirage

Ugly Veg:
1st: SHARE Garden's curly red pepper
2nd: David's deformed kohl rabi
3rd: Belinda's knobbly potato

Special Achievement Award:
Susan's Balham bananas

Thanks again to to The Little Taperia, The Gorringe Park, The Wheatsheaf and Abel & Cole for donating prizes and to our donating growers as one or too pretty items were put into special prize veg boxes!

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