Foodival is Transition Town Tooting's annual food festival, celebrating everything that's good about locally grown food. Foodival aims to show how it's possible to grow local, eat local, be sustainable and have fun while doing it!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Foodival this weekend!

Hello all,

With less than a week to go till Foodival time preparations have stepped up a notch! The Foodival posters have been printed and given out to the restaurants and we now have cotton bags for printing on the day with a special TTT logo stamp being made as we speak. Donation of aprons have been coming in thick and fast and thanks for all the offers of plastic sheeting –I’ve collected one large piece and reckon we’ll only need a couple more to make sure all the floor space is covered J

We also have a range of green decorations including a veg shopping cart and a Foodival banner so the event should look pretty spectacular! Rememember that if you have spare time and come to Mushkil aassan on Satbetween 12 and 3pm and on Sunday between 11.30 and 5 it’d be much appreciated.

Below is a list of things we still need:

  • Large A3 writing board and pad and pens–to write down donators details on the Saturday
  • Bowls and spoons –better if biodegradable
  • Lots of aprons
  • 2 sheets of large plastic or tarp
  • Tons and tons of fruit and veg donations!
  • Reminding everyone to enter a condiment into the condiment contest. You will lose against my killer mint conconction but I feel it is only fair to ask for some competion…. ;)
  • Please email me if I’ve forgotten something!
Thanks again for all your help –the Foodival looks set to be amazing!
See you on Saturday or Sunday or both!

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