Foodival is Transition Town Tooting's annual food festival, celebrating everything that's good about locally grown food. Foodival aims to show how it's possible to grow local, eat local, be sustainable and have fun while doing it!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hot gifts hidden in the streets of Tooting

Keep your eyes peeled around Tooting this week and you might just find an especially hot gift from the folks at SMArT.  Nestled on a windowsill, settled on steps and hidden around the BATCA Fun Day, will you spot an upcycled package inviting you to "Open Me"?

We're keeping the surprise under wraps for now. What we can say is if you're lucky enough to find these carefully crafted gifts, you can keep it to yourself, or take it along to Foodival on Sunday, where you'll receive another something special. Hmmm, intriguing!

Thanks to all the makers who joined in at the last two SMArT Meet & Make sessions and everyone who collected their Tetrapak cartons and donated hot home-grown produce.

Let us know if you find one of the mysterious packages and we'll see you at Foodival for more home-grown fun!

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